A Memory Unchained

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For some, this message is a question, for others a certainty beyond doubt: what is the meaning of freedom? This surely is a part of freedom, but not all of it.

A Memory Unchained

There is more to freedom than merely not being shackled. A chair that is chained to a table does not become free when its chains are cut. History has proven again and again that the absence of a master does not make a slave free and the lack of an oppressor does not make the sufferer free. Freedom must be coupled with desire, in order to have meaning.

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One must want to go somewhere or have a dream to fulfill. In other words: the most important part of freedom is inner freedom.

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A person or a nation that has no real notion of freedom, no real aspirations, will soon become slave to other masters. Indeed, the outcomes of many revolutions and wars of independence prove this.

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And on a far more mundane level, people with free time — and nothing that they want to do — soon sink into boredom, family fights, or worse. Freedom, then, is not just a negative concept, the absence of servitude.

Freedom also requires a positive value to replace slavery, a meaning beyond that of breaking the chains. Indeed, Passover is not just empty free time, without duties or commandments. Quite the contrary: its celebration involves many commandments, enactments and customs. But the popular fiction that the Cape practised a benign version of slavery has long been propagated. We are not intimate with its outrages, we do not understand it as being on a continuum with colonialism and apartheid, there is little realistic engagement with its sins.

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Regarding Muslims is an important, compelling, and ethical work from a writer who thinks deeply, reads widely and writes in a way that will challenge and reorient her readers. Images courtesy Umuzi and Literatur Werkstatt. Print this article. Email this article. Please register or log in to comment. Hello, I have came across this hack, thought to share with [ Regards, The Sunday Times Books team.

Forgotten your password? Why does taking a liberty here and there with historical facts really bother you?


A Memory Unchained by Gloria Graham

It comes down to the fact that while I, and other viewers, were undoubtedly aware that they were watching a movie, one with a script written by Tarantino and acted out by Oscar-winning actors, we still wanted to maintain an element of reality; to feel that what we were witnessing was truthful and accurate, that by somehow acknowledging the truth of the experiences we were somehow reminded of the injustices done, that somehow we were paying tribute.

When asked by Barshad just how he had decided where to draw the line with his depictions of violence, after all, he could have gone much further and still been faithful to the historical record, Tarantino responded:. When they enter Greenville and pretty much until they get to Candyland, those are the three rings of hell they have to pass through.

Initially the sequence with the Mandingo fight was even stronger than it is now, and the scene with the dogs was even tougher. And when I watched it with an audience I realized that I had traumatized them too much to go where I needed them to go. They grew another head, but they were still a little too traumatized to cheer with the vigor and gusto that I wanted them to.

I had to modulate the sequences back.