Aspects of Today´s Cosmology

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The maths lets us surpass the human limitation, but needs to be checked with reality through experiments. Nuff said. Non zero gravitational fields appeared later when things started to clump. By contrast a black hole is the ultimate clump in a void. As Manu said, nobody will be sneered at for posing tricky questions, lack of knowledge or general ignorance.

The Past Decade and the Future of Cosmology and Astrophysics

They will ignore arguments against said theory, and they will continually recycle talking points that have been debunked or explained to them in discussion here hundreds of times before. Furthermore, when they do so, they seem to lack a grasp of the very physics that they attempt to claim is wrong. There is nothing wrong with not understanding General Relativity — there is something very wrong with not understanding it and then claiming that it is all incorrect and that the evidence says proves it.

People have had some whack ideas in here before, but if they adopt an approach marked by a willingness to learn and discuss the relent points in good faith, then they will be treated with respect, courtesy, and users will generally spend a great deal of their own time talking through points with in-depth replies. Anyway, rest assured — if you ask someone to explain something to you at the level, people will be only too happy to oblige generally. Crowell — English is his second language. To think of the Universe as a spherical expanding volume is misleading, as a sphere has a surface, but an expanding Universe does not.

You are assuming that space expansion is limited to the light-speed, but space itself can expand faster than light-speed. Also space can drag out any matter faster than it can be attracted towards each other. Especially when the universe starts. I will avoid hard judgment on the BB model as I have limited theoretical knowledge on the subject, although it looks that many comments are done not from better position.

Epicycles and geocentric model were fitting not so bad to the crude observations from rudimentary instruments for centuries. When Tycho Brahe accumulated enough precise data it became obvious that the world is set in quite a different way and new model and laws of physics to explain it were needed. That is how the science works.

It is not driven by personal belies or disbelieves.

History of cosmology & astronomy

We have to trust experts that BB model is currently the best fit. If in the future the facts fail to fit to it undoubtedly the model will be modified or replaced. It is understandable that there are ardent supporters and opponents and even that too much personal commitment is involved but those are not to decide the outcome. As far as I know models do not get replaced. Models are oversimplified versions representing the reality and can coexist. Newtons models are still very well in use for solar space travel. The bohr atom model is also used a lot nowadays,even when we have far better models in quantum mechanics.

Thank you for the article. To me there must have been at least a void of some kind? Maybe, void of nothing? Not long ago I watched some BBC? There were 6? Some Japanese? Normal nothing and energy nothing. He had the same kind of thinking as me. That nothing is actually something. I find your opinion to be closest to the fact.

I came across this article by Anthony Aguirre, and I am curious as to what you think. Cosmology is the scientific study of the Universe, being the place where everything known exists.

The Past Decade and the Future of Cosmology and Astrophysics | OpenMind

The Big Bang, a rather ambiguous and in accurate term in fact, is not only the question creation of the physical macro world stars, planets, galaxies, etc. The success of the Big Bang Theory, is mostly that it attempts to explain the origin interaction between the matter physical world and the four or possibly more forces. Cosmology looks at the whole matrix of these seemingly unrelated parameters, and attempts to explain their origins correctly speaking, the science of cosmogony.

What really bugs me is comment like lars here is in statements like describing cosmology, the Big Bang and scientists as having;. This opinion is so absolutely gobsmackingly wrong!! When you think about it, it is funny how one could be ignorant of all the laws of physics, because what all science does is already found through more and more exacting observation and experiment. We already know, for example, so much about matter, but experiment in atom smasher by colliding particles to form more fundamental elusive and exotic particles. The Big Bang theory, in the fractional moments of its creation must have distilled two separate forces from the more fundamental electroweak force.

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This is just a superb example of observation and experiment confirming the science behind the accepted cosmological theory. IMO cosmology is fundamentally the energy history of the Universe, where physical matter including dark matter? Whilst not absolutely correct, for general educational explanations, the whole evolution of the Universe, especially in the fractions after the initial quantum fluctuation, is much simpler in terms of changes and distillation of various manifested energy states.

We have also completely failed to mention too, that the Big Bang also created its evolution in terms of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, entropy and time. The big-bang is a religion with followers like crumb here to support it. Hyperclusters or super-duper-clusters are denied possible existance for the big-bang, which cannot adequately explain the huge supercluster voids as cold spots on the CMB.

Wikipedia states that the largest known structures are not superclusters, but cosmic filaments! Many superclusters are known to align with others in parallel and perpendicular walls sheets along plasma filaments! What is difficult is seeing determining the boundaries of a hypercluster from plenty of aligned supercluster walls. The largest known structures are cosmic plasma filaments that dominate the universe and laws of physics today. On your website I saw that you are interested in tibetian yoga and in secret doctrines.

Cosmological missions & instruments

Instead of trying to understand the universe, you could spend the next couple of decades inventing a new theory that mixes secret yoga with docters male doctrines from tibet. Did you know that the Centaurus Great Wall is actually an extention of the Great Wall of China, which has many cosmic filaments reaching as far as Tibet?

And it conspires with the Sloan great wall in order to make us belief that there was a big bang. Cosmic Voodoo is the only science that is not religious!

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  • Interesting point. Yet are ad hominem attacks any better than specious arguments like ad ignorantiam? Plainly someone can be a fool or an out-and-out liar based on the available evidence, which is not at all a fallacy — logic or no logic — but is an obvious and clear matter of fact!

    Philosophy of Cosmology

    Should others sit on the fence and ignore it, or do you expose their deliberate deception? After a while the continuous pummelling of nonsense gets a little bit tiresome. Yes confront logic with logic. In this case I confront fallacy with fallacy.

    George F.R. Ellis, On the Nature of Cosmology Today (2012 Copernicus Center Lecture)

    But how do you suggest should stubborn fallacy be countered if all the explaining has failed? Ignoring it could lead us back to the middle ages.

    1. Cosmology’s Standard Model

    Or to an overpopulated and overheated planet where people are just waiting for the return of a messiah. Something could be done for the future however: teach philosophy of science in every high school. So the next generation will be more able to distinguish crap from useful knowledge.

    I hope…. This is the usual mindless mixed up garbage from you. I have already proven you are an outright fraud, and yet you sillily come back to the exact same diatribe. Hologram aka. Muppet, Jimhenson, Pat, quantauniverse, etc. Yet amazingly, when you read all about Mr. Oppenheimer it seems he is not denying about the Big Bang occurring! He even published paper and spoken on it!! Like most stinking cowards, they cannot answer their own wrong assertions, and when the going gets tough, they simply run away hiding and cringe behind their blissful ignorance. If you shown as presenting such blatant deceptions, why should we believe anything you say at all, eh? Our Mr. Also there is little evidence to support such a claim, as once openly speculated by Alfven and Peratt.

    Even they did not use the term hyperclusters! So please Mr. Hologram, or ever your alias is this week stick to the facts and not the fictions. It is clearly to all….