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This is only a suggested outline and is subject to change, unlike the exam dates, which are fixed.

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Any readings that are not from the textbook will be posted on Blackboard. If it's been a while since you took intermediate microeconomics, the textbook provides a review in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 reviews statistical tools for health economics. Since such dishonesty harms the individual, all students, and the integrity of the University, policies on scholastic dishonesty will be strictly enforced. Writing Assignments. The course outline provides the relevant dates for all writing assignments. Each is due at the beginning of class on the due date. Lateness at any stage results in a loss of at least one letter grade on that assignments.

Research Paper. This course is a substantial writing component for undergraduates. Thus, a significant paper is due at the end of the semester. For us to discuss how to do that research, you will have to submit a proposal, first draft, and final paper. You must choose a proposed or legislated health care policy to write about. The paper must describe the policy and provide an economic analysis that draws upon economic models discussed in class.

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I would like you to start thinking early of a research topic and to write a proposal. Feel free to talk to me about your topic, your sources and approaches you can take in doing your research. Due dates along the way will help guarantee progress:. There are several sources you could use to find a topic. One is simply to follow the policy debates in the newspapers and magazines.

Second is to look at the policies discussed in the class. A third way is to browse through recent issues of economic policy journals, or the web pages of research and policy institutions.

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The proposal should state the question you want to address, discuss the importance of your study i. The first draft should include everything, with theoretical and empirical models, conclusions and policy implications. Illustrate your analysis with a graphical presentation if appropriate. If your graphs are not incorporated into the text of your paper, please provide a clear connection between graphs and text. Short Papers. Short papers will be strictly limited to 3 typed double-spaced pages in order to encourage succinct and incisive reasoning. There will be one midterm and a comprehensive final exam.

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There will be no make-up exam for the midterm. Four problem sets will count towards your final grade. Economics is an introduction to Economic Statistics. The aim of the course is to familiarize students with methods of summarizing collections of measurements data sets of economic, political and business phenomena. Of particular concern will be an introduction to elementary probability theory and its use in the interpretation of summary statistics inference obtained from statistical data sets. A number of economic, political and business applications will be used to illustrate the methods.

If more information is needed contact instructor. General Inquiries: Helen Schneider Lecturer — Ph. Behavioral Economics This course is an introduction to behavioral economics: the attempt to incorporate insights from psychology into economics. Students will learn how economists describe and measure the economy, in the aggregate, as well as specific markets such as the labor market, the housing market, financial markets, and international trade. Concepts for measurement and data will be covered.

Students will learn how economists organize their analysis of economic choices by thinking about how individuals i respond to incentives, ii seek out exchange in markets, and iii form, and participate in, various economic institutions. Students will learn how to think about strategic behavior for example, markets with a small number of firms, or negotiating trade agreements among a small number of countries.

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Lambkin's remains. The aftermath ; or, Gleanings from a busy life. The aftermath; or, Gleanings from a busy life, called upon the outer cover for purposes of sale, Caliban's guide to letters; Lambkin's remains. Oxon, inc. After the war, she served briefly with the British Control Commission in Germany and later with the United Nations, before returning to academia and the London School of Economics , where she retired as a Reader in Makower was at the forefront of the statistical turn in the British economics of the s, and remained an influential figure after the war, acting as an important link between the mathematical economics developed at the Cowles Commission and British economics.


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