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Ljubljana (Slovenia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Where crowds gathered as Slovenia announced its independence from the Yugoslav Federation in The square has significant importance for Slovene history, as it was a place of important public gatherings and demonstrations in the past. Across the road is the Slovene Parliament.

Its facade is decorated with artistic nude statues of Slovenes at work and leisure. The square also houses the International Business Centre.

Slovenia: A budget travel guide to Ljubljana

A short walk west of the centre of town are the remains of the Roman City Walls, including a number of pillars from an entrance gate. A village-like part of the city connecting the centre to the Trnovo suburb. A self-declared autonomous culture place to gather for alternative artists, many subcultures and youth. What used to be a military barracks is now full of underground artists, bars and nightclubs. Metelkova can get crowded on Fridays and Saturdays.

It is within 5 minute of walk from main Train Station, and it is home to a renowed hostel Celica. The main city park. You can sit down on a park bench and enjoy the sun. There is also a childern's playground and a lot of paths to walk. This is a popular weekend destination for the locals. Ljubljana Botanic Garden is the oldest Slovene cultural, scientific and educational institution.

In the garden is also tropical glasshouse. Access only by guided tour of not more than 7 people, booked at least five days in advance at tel. It is being currently restored.

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Definitely worth visiting if you care about art. It exhibits two important permanent collections that include works of some of the best and most renowned slovenian impressionist painters Jama, Grohar, Jakopic, Azbe.

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Since September you can also see there a restored original of the Robba Fountain, a monument of national cultural heritage. National museum of Slovenia is the oldest and the largest Slovene museum. It was founded in Existent museum building on the Museum street, was built in and was the first, building, assigned solely to culture in Slovenia.

Today its stores a rich collections of valuable objects.

The oldest spring back to the Stone Age, but there are also the newer ones, which are still used in our everyday life. Important columns of museum activity are also rich museum library and unit for preservation and restoring. Free admission each first of the month. In the new building of the National museum of Slovenia on the Metelkova Street, are exhibited collections of the applied art heritage of Slovenia.

The permanent exhibition brings together objects of applied arts from the 14th century to the present day. Slovenia's 20th-century history museum gives you a real sense of the country's roller-coaster ride through regime after regime. Its immersive exhibits include a walk-through WWI trench. All exhibits are translated to English and some to German too.

Features an almost complete skeleton of a 20, year old mammoth found near Kamnik in and a million year old fossil fish skeleton found in Triglav National Park. Also has a large mineral collection. Open Tu-Sa Specialised in art shows, often in collaboration with international institutions.

Great for a rainy day or when you need to escape pun intended the heat. This escape room has two themes: the Alchemists Chamber and Occupied Ljubljana. Both are challenging and fun. Great for groups of 2 to 5 people. Taste 7 finest wines from different wine regions of Slovenia and learn must-know wine facts from a wine expert in our year old wine cellar. Enormous arts and convention center with concerts and performances. A water park offering 14 pools, thermal baths, slides and saunas. Special section is dedicated for children.

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  • Offers open-air pools during the day and themed parties at night. Ljubljana's charming film museum where they have at least two movies a day.

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    The movies range from classics to cult movies, from trash and horror to artistic masterpieces. All movies are presented in the original audio language, and equipped with Slovenian subtitles, sometimes also English. On Saturday mornings they have special projections for children. There are also some special events, round tables, premiers etc. It's a must visit for every film lover. Closed on Sundays and in July and August. This is a small and very cool movie theater that shows mostly new movies that are not playing in the blockbuster movie complexes. It has also a lot of special events, a great cafe and movies for children sundays.

    A great place to spend an evening. Ljubljana's main cinema multiplex. Unlike in many other countries, all movies are presented in the original audio language typically English , and equipped with Slovenian subtitles.

    1. Prešeren Square

    This does sometimes not apply to computer-rendered and animated movies, which are dubbed for the children. Special discounts on Tuesdays.

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    Buy [ edit ] [ add listing ] Ljubljana's main shopping areas are the BTC City Shopping District take bus 27 , located at the north-eastern edge, and the Rudnik Shopping District take bus 27 in the south-eastern edge of the city. Sunday flea market , Gallusovo nabrezje. Two dozen or so stalls selling overpriced knick-knacks. Tito and Disney memorabilia, broken Chinese-made curios, rusty military paraphernalia.

    The central, open-air market features a wide array of local produce exact items vary depending on the season , as well as local cheeses, breads and meats in the adjacent building. If you're lucky, you may still find sellers who have wheeled in their vegetables from south of the city centre Krakovo by foot - although they are a dying breed. Open every morning and early afternoon except Sunday; most lively on Saturday mornings. Favourite place for chocoholics. A lot of chocolates from Slovenia in one place, perfect place for some souvenirs and good chocolate.

    Young people running the shop will make sure you walk away with some very good local Slovenian chocolate. Budget [ edit ] Falafel , Trubarjeva This middle eastern dish, together with other meat and vegetables dishs is served in the small fast-food restaurant next to the Dragon bridge. The place where young people go to get food late in the evening or at night. Different kinds of burek a leafy dough pie, traditionally with mince meat or cheese filling available. Considered to be the best burek in town.

    Fusion between cocktail bar and mexican restaurant. Besides tourists, this place is also popular among the locals. Mexican restaurant set in a small yard together with another restaurant and a pub. International food. Ernest Hemingway theme. Latino and salsa dancing. Thai food and cocktail bar with great atmosphere. Former Ursuline convent. Cellar restaurant serving pizza, salads, and Slovenian food. Live music every night. Flamboyantly decorated pizzeria and salad restaurant. Choose from a variety of typical Slovenian dishes from all the regions of Slovenia, with giving special attention to seasonal dishes! This restaurant deals up authentic Slovenian cuisine, complete with all waiters and waitresses dressed up in traditional costume. The food is hearty and served in generous gut-busting portions and very good value for money. The fish cooked in a paper bag with vegetables is highly recommended. There is plenty of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes to choose from.

    The only downside was the house red, which is very sharp and quite cold, but this is a minor quibble. Popular Tex-Mex restaurant. Fare of Italian pasta and risotto dishes. Open daily from Affordable prices and very diverse choices. They have themed rooms, such as castle room and fishing room.