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In other words, the sexual activity described is always experienced in the context of a marriage covenant. This banner is a military standard, the flag that united an army. The careful reader cannot help but see the larger point.

Their marriage is marked and blessed by intimacy and commitment—and these two are not to be severed. How different is the wisdom of the Bible. True love is sealed by the commitment. Godly spouses use words to encourage one another. Whether this is an objective reality is not the point; she is clearly the apple of his eye. In a good marriage, a husband and wife are never stingy with kind words.

Godly spouses also guard against the sin of a fallen world. They guard against sin by pursuing each other physically — and regularly reaffirming their commitment to one another ; ; Song of Songs is wisdom literature. The author, guided by the Holy Spirit, calls married couples to the hard work of fidelity. The Song of Songs presents marriage as a foretaste of perfect union with God. The purity of their relationship was possible because they enjoyed, if only for a short season, an uncorrupted relationship with their Maker.

So is the marriage in the Song of Songs. This husband and wife have recaptured something of the delight and innocence of the Garden. The Song of Songs really does point forward to Christ. As the wife longs to be with her husband ; —4 , so the Christian longs to be with Christ Phil.

We need the fresh perspective on love and sexuality that the Song of Solomon offers. The Song of Solomon is not one sensuous scene after another. It is a series of love poems that capture the joys, insecurities, sorrows, and frustrations that accompany the journey of love. Through patient Bible study, the reader will follow the bride and her beloved on a journey from courtship to consummation and beyond. The voices of friends are there.

The fears and insecurities are there. The temptations of the world are there.

Old Testament

Most of all, God is there. He is superintending it all. While the Song of Solomon provides much-needed wisdom from God on love and marriage, this wisdom is not attainable apart from Christ. At times, the Song puts forward the ideal portrait of human love. We are spurred on in these times, but also humbled.

Passover's 'The Song of Songs' Is Correct Name, Not 'Solomon's Song'

James L. He previously served as a campus minister at Princeton University. This Momentary Marriage John Piper. Sign In.

Song of Solomon 1 – “Rightly Do They Love You”

Only this one song of Solomon has been preserved. The song mentions 22 names of plants and 15 names of animals. As Solomon reigned from around to BC the time of writing would have to be set in the middle of the 10 th century BC.

The Book of Song of Solomon - KJV - Audio Bible (FULL) by Alexander Scourby

The Song of Songs is of a uniform composition as throughout the book the following persons appear again and again: the bridegroom, the bride, and the daughters of Jerusalem. Similar refrains are to be found at the beginning and ends of certain paragraphs chap. The sevenfold mentioning of Solomon's name would also be such a refrain.

The expositors of the Song of Solomon have divers ways of thinking in ancient as well as in modern times. Some think the book is describing the king's Solomon's love for a poor shepherd girl; one version of this opinion says the girl was already promised to a shepherd and remained faithful to him in spite of the King's urge. Others think the book is a collection of up to thirty! Finally there are the some who think the origin is to be found in hymns of the Babylonian cult of Tammuz, which is idolatry.

The person of Shulamite chap. Out of Scripture we may conclude that although Solomon had 1, wives 1 Kings his heart was not satisfied. Only one single one, a simple shepherd girl, was able to give him the love, joy and satisfaction, which according to the thoughts of God ought to control and dominate the relationship between woman and man Gen. This brings us to the question which purpose the Holy Spirit is pursuing in the book.

There again we find a variety of thoughts. The Jews have always seen a description of Jehovah's love for his people Israel.

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The fathers of the church have interpreted it for Christ's love for His church or assembly, Greek: ekklesia at the beginning of Christendom. A further explanation says the book contains songs wherein marital love is glorified.

Introduction to the Song of Songs

Not regarding the external cause the subject of the book can only be the relation of the Jewish remnant out of Israel to their king, the Messiah. Of course the assembly of God is a bride also, but she is the bride, the Lamb 's wife Rev. Between her and the bridegroom there is a firm relationship from the beginning.