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As we can see from the debug, the routes are being received but are denied due to issue with extended community. Since this router is denying routes with RT as , it means no router is requesting routes with this RT. Let us see why PE2 is not requesting routes with RT The above command shows us that we are importing RT when we should be importing which PE1 is exporting.

Implementing Cisco MPLS (MPLS)

Let us change RT import to and see. We are now receiving 2 routes from P1 but we must still find out why no routes are obtained from P2. There is no easy way to come to know why P2 is not taking routes from PE1. Primarily it is because it does not see a request for RT In order to reflect this request and route to PE1, we must make P2 as route reflector.

Let us do that and see whether it makes any difference.

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P2 config router bgp P2 config-router address-family vpnv4 P2 config-router-af neighbor 1. We surely are seeing the routes on PE2. We should see the same routes on CE2. Let us see whether there are any routes on CE2 or not. C Still we are not getting the routes on CE2. Let us see that with an example subnet. PE2 sh ip route vrf cust Lets rdistribute it and see if we can get the routes.

PE2 config router eigrp PE2 config-router address-family ipv4 vrf cust PE2 config-router-af redistribute bgp metric 1 1 1 1 1. So we have just been successful in getting the routes from CE1 to CE2. We must now go the other way round to get routes on CE1 from CE2.


Let us begin with PE2. Let us do it and see if it reflects. PE2 config router bgp PE2 config-router address-family ipv4 vrf cust PE2 config-router-af redistribute eigrp CE1 tracer Lets start from PE1 and see if we can find the issue. PE1 sh mpl for 1. P1 sh mpl for 1. Since P1 is the Penultimate Hop, the label should be popped and not be removed completely. Why is the label being set to untagged? We will have to go to PE2 to investigate. On PE2, let us see what is the label for 1.

The above command shows that there is no LDP Binding for 1. Due to this, it does not generate any label for this interface. Let us go with the second. There will be always other faults which could be present which I might not have covered. If there is any fault which you encounter which i have not covered, do let me know so that I can include it in the faults. Have a happy troubleshooting. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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  • CE1 sh ip ospf neighbor Since we are not even seeing the neighborship, we must go to a more basic level of troubleshooting and that is icmp. Pinging from PE2 to CE2 shows that the connectivity between the 2 is proper. Let us check that CE2 sh ip route C PE1 sh mpl ldp nei The command has no output which means this router has no ldp neighbors. Let us change that P1 config router bgp P1 config-router neighbor 1.

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    Let us see on P1 and P2 P1 sh ip bgp vpnv4 all summary i 1. Let us do that and see whether it makes any difference P2 config router bgp P2 config-router address-family vpnv4 P2 config-router-af neighbor 1. Let us see that with an example subnet PE2 sh ip route vrf cust Since we are seeing it on PE1, it should also reach CE1. For CE2 networks to be reachable, 1. So let us see its label.

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    PE2 config int lo1 PE2 config-if ip ospf network point-to-point Now let us go back to see if we are getting Labels on P1 or not. Attend hands-on, instructor-led MPLS v3. Not near one of our locations? For additional training options, check out our list of Cisco Courses and select the one that's right for you.

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